Success in Sixty Minutes

Success in Sixty Minutes

It is no secret that readers prefer shorter book, tightly written, get-to-the-point commentary that can be readily and easily consumed. In that consideration, we present Success in Sixty Minutes, a series of books and courses presenting skills a person can read, learn, and appropriate in an hour or less. The first in this series are in pre-publication now but we welcome submissions from you.

The following list indicates topics we are interested in but these are not titles. Publisher reserves the right to designate the title. Each book should be about 12000 words but a little more or a little less can be considered if the subject is covered adequately. Author’s Guidelines and a contact form are here.

  1. Time management – ASSIGNED
  2. Acing your job interview – ASSIGNED
  3. Making a powerful impression
  4. The art of hiring
  5. Resume writing – ASSIGNED
  6. Surpassing expectations
  7. Creativity or Creative thinking – ASSIGNED
  8. Making decisions – ASSIGNED
  9. Personal money management
  10. Creating wealth – ASSIGNED
  11. Building a team
  12. Selling and salesmanship
  13. Building a Stellar Reputation
  14. Making A Deal – Negotiating
  15. The Problem Employee
  16. Going Into Business
  17. Growing In Responsibility
  18. Dress for success
  19. Handling conflict
  20. Moving on, knowing when it is time, and parting on friendly terms…
  21. Overcoming doubt
  22. Handling stress
  23. Self-defeating living
  24. Staying motivated (persistence, consistence, patience, and celebrating progress)
  25. Inspiring (motivating) your associates – ASSIGNED
  26. Motivation not manipulation
  27. Strategic planning
  28. Finding your true purpose – ASSIGNED
  29. Resourcefulness
  30. Authenticity – ASSIGNED
  31. Thinking independently
  32. Positive Attitude (not positive thinking) – ASSIGNED
  33. Making the case (how to make a powerful presentation, frame your argument, and persuade others)
  34. Living confidently (how to be a person of grace, poise, presence, and confidence)
  35. Playing by the rules – ethics and integrity on the job
  36. Other topics as may be useful


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