About Us

About Us

We hold research in high regard the same for the study of leadership concepts.

But we hold the practical application of that research and those concepts in even higher regard.

Why? Because most of us live outside the sphere of academia. We hold positions of responsibility in companies, corporations, and small businesses.

We have been engaged in the process and practice of developing effective leadership for nearly a half-century. Our parent organization – ThePracticalLeader.com – first engaged aspiring leaders in their pursuit of fulfilling careers in 1972 and we’ve been at it ever since.

There is no lack of books on leadership. But there are not enough of them written by leaders in the field to other leaders in their field. We believe in applied leadership

So, we added Powerlines Press to our organization to fill that void and provide for leaders the insight, understanding, information, and validation they need…and want. We are intensely practical. All of our publications are focused on giving our readers the information they need and the methodology to apply it in real life. We want them, as the tagline to The Practical Leader says, to be able to “Reach Further, Accomplish More, and Work Less.”

So why are we called Powerlines Press?

Because power stored up in batteries or left at the source does little good to anyone. We are the direct link, a power line, from those who know to those who do. And we want them to be able to do it very, very well.