Author’s Guidelines

Author’s Guidelines

Success in Sixty Minutes Author’s Guidelines

What we’re looking for:

Tightly written, practical advice born from experience and insight into the traits, habits, skills, and competencies that will enlighten, inform, and challenge our readers. And each one can be read in about an hour.We want to enable our readers to advance in their careers.

Our Targeted Audience:

Young or mid-career professionals, owners of businesses, and leaders of nonprofit organizations.Most of our readers live and work in the developing world – Asia including India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, Africa particularly Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Congo, and Namibia, Oceana including New Zealand, Australia, and of course, the US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

Our style:

Be personal, direct, and practical. Please avoid research studies, an academic style, and leadership or management concepts (unless you can apply them realistically in real life settings ). Think of yourself writing as a mentor to someone. If you refer to concepts and research studies be certain you do more than refer to them. Make application in real life. Particularly be careful of American idioms as they do not always make sense to those of another culture even if they are fluent in English. We want topics and their applications that will enable our readers to further their success in business and life.

Our Content Requirements:

Our publications are directed towards busy professionals so they are typically 40,000 to 60,000 words. However, we have a line called “Success in Sixty Minutes” of books that can be read in about an hour meaning they are 12,000 words or so. Please write us using the form below for a current list of needed topics.

At the present time we are not accepting manuscripts or proposals for fiction of any kind.

Formatting Requirements:

We accept electronic submissions only. Times New Roman 12 pt, single spaced. No page numbers. No headers or footers. Insert spaces between paragraphs rather than an indented first line. One inch margins, please.

Do not send complete manuscripts or even portion except those of less than two paragraphs in length. Send a proposal for your idea. We will contact you if we want to see more.

Submit to Use “Manuscript submission” in the subject line.