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Secrets to a successful job interview

Published Date: October 15, 2018

Paperback & eBook



You know that final handshake, that one where the HR manager has offered you the job and
you accept?
Every job seeker wishes for just that. But that is the challenge. You are not the only applicant so how can
you standout?
How can you outshine all the others and climb to the top of the A-list of applicants? You walk into the
waiting room, ready for your interview appointment. You think you’re the perfect match for this job. But
so does everyone else sitting there ahead of you. And so will those who come in after you.
But are you really ready?
How do you know you can outshine and outperform all the others to get that job you really, really want?
Is your resume’ complete and perfect? Are you sure? D
o you know what questions the interviewer is most likely to ask…and precisely how you should answer
Do you know what you should do when you first walk into the interview room?
Do you know what to do if the interviewer asks you an illegal question?
Are you prepared to do the 7 things you should ALWAYS do at a job interview?
Do you know what you SHOULD NOT DO once you get inside that interview room?
In the “Secrets to an Exceptional Job Interview” you will learn from an experienced job interview coach
just how to craft your resume, prepare for your interview, the things to say…and not to say… and how to
answer those difficult questions.
Plus, you will get Sample resume’s you can use to build yours. These samples are in doc files so you can
cut, paste, copy, and assemble your own.
And there are sample cover letters also in doc files, sample thank you letters in doc files, and mock
interview questionnaires so you can practice ahead of time and be ready at the real interview.
Hundreds of job seekers have benefited from these very secrets. You will, too.


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