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The #1 Reason Why Authors Do Not Make Enough Money

Published Date: April 10, 2019

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The sad truth about publishing is that most books sell very few copies, not even those from
major publishing houses. With today's ready access to publishing, it seems more difficult than ever. The
#1 Reason Why Authors Do Not Make Enough Money explores the primary challenge all authors face
and provides concrete and detailed answers to change the odds in their favor. If you are thinking about
publishing a book, this is a must read. If you've already published but are not enjoying the rewards of a
profitable venture, this is for you, too.Author Jack Dunigan has been publishing successfully for many
years. His insights into the publishing industry provide an insider's perspective on why creatives have a
difficult time dealing with the nuts and bolts of publishing. This book is not about the craft of writing.
You will not find tips and techniques on character development or plot outlines. You will find concrete
and proven things to do to beat the odds and increase your chances at a profitable writing business.
Here's what you will find inside The #1 Reason Why Authors Do Not Make Enough Money:1. The Real
Truth About Publishing Your Book2. Four Truths About Success and What It Means For YOU!3. What
Sells4. The Three Questions You Absolutely Must Be Able to Answer5. The First Thing to Do6. Four Steps
to Successful and Profitable Writing7. Finding Work8. Bonus chapter – How to avoid scammersReal life
examples, live links, and a thorough grounding in the real world of business for creatives makes this a
must have book.


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