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The #1 Reason Why Author’s Don’t Make Much Money

It is a complaint I have heard hundreds of times. Good authors just can’t seem to make much money.

Well, it isn’t easy these days. The good news is that just about anyone can publish a book. That reality is also the bad news.

Just how does an author stand out from the rest? How can your work be seen when countless others are clamoring to be read, too?

In my eBook “The #1 Reason Why Author’s Don’t Make Much Money” I will show you

  • What Ernest Hemingway And Ian Fleming Show Us About the Real World of Writing
  • The Genre That Sells Better than Any Other
  • The 3 Questions You Must Ask…and Answer…BEFORE You Write Anything to Sell
  • Why an Author’s Platform is Absolutely Essential…and the 4 Things It Must Do
  • Don’t build your business on a book. Build it around a book…or2…or 3
  • Why Most NYT Bestsellers Must Have Day Jobs
  • The What, Who, Where, and How of Successful Publishing
  • The Ups and Downs of Traditional Publishing and Independent Publishing

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